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Raja Tuli is the company’s co-chairman and chief technology officer; he is also an inventor with dozens of patents across a broad range of technologies related to the internet, to imaging, and to energy sustenance. On December 3, 2013, Datawind partnered with IT firm Happiest Minds Technologies to develop applications for its UbiSlate range of tablets. Forbes magazine named the CEO of Datawind, Suneet Tuli, among the Impact 15 list of “classroom revolutionaries”, who use innovative technologies to reinvent education for students and teachers throughout the world. A product review by PC Magazine of the Pocket Surfer stated that “it’s the only device that allows users to browse the web on a GPRS connection with any alacrity.” In 2005, CNET stated that it was impressed with Pocket Surfer’s page-load times. Datawind’s product range includes PocketSurfer Smartphones and UbiSlate tablets. On 20 November 2013, according to an article published in The Financial Express, “DataWind, driving its mission to see smart devices as education tools, partnered with American education provider CK-12 Foundation providing high quality free mathematics and science learning content that can be used by teachers, students, schools and parents.” CK-12 content would be installed on most of the company’s devices; the company stated that installed content on tablets will allow students to learn at their own pace, regardless of their locations; also, this content may be updated over at this website regular intervals.

Datawind has partnered with numerous firms as part of a comprehensive supplier-and-partner strategy to build applications and generate content for its devices. Datawind has partnerships with multiple firms to develop installed, free content for its devices. Datawind’s business model focuses on providing to entry-level users a cost-effective, web-access device with free Internet access. DataWind’s web-delivery platform reduces bandwidth consumption by creating a parallel processing environment, which shifts the burden of memory and processing power to back-end servers, thus allowing users to access the web with a lower-cost device and lower data costs. Under the partnership, Happiest Minds will develop Datawind’s app store, which will be designed for first-time Android users. An Internet marketing company will provide detailed monthly reports on the performances of your various campaigns which will help you track your business’s performance and improve your ROI. Since the commercial launch of the UbiSlate tablets, the company has been among the top three suppliers of tablets in India, according to Cybermedia Research. In the first quarter of 2013, Datawind dominated the Indian, tablet market with the largest market share of tablets sold in India, excluding the Aakash devices that were to be supplied to the government. Datawind claims that its patented, acceleration technology allows its devices to deliver the fastest, mobile-web experience across cellular networks.

New York state, can seamlessly connect via NYSERNet, ESnet, and Internet2’s networks with collaborators and resources around the world. Datawind’s low-cost devices allow access to the internet at lower, data costs and faster speeds across congested mobile wireless networks by using the company’s patented data compression technology, which serves Web pages as compressed images. The company, as a mobile, virtual-network operator (MVNO), purchases wholesale access to mobile data from wireless-network operators or as part of a bundling relationship in order to offer free, mobile-internet access to its customers. DataWind identified the need for low-cost devices for web access as a means to provide an alternative to increasing costs of mobile internet devices caused by the corresponding increases in web complexity, which require greater memory and processing power. At the subsidized price, the tablet would cost the same as a pair of shoes or a basic mobile phone. Easy expansion- For small and growing business enterprises, expanding and contracting are done easily by simply adding or removing phone lines. Datawind is also working with governments, NGOs and distributors in Latin American and African countries, where its products are being deployed. In collaboration with the government of India, the company has also developed the Aakash tablet, which has gained worldwide attention for being the cheapest tablet.

On 10 June 2021, the company was declared bankrupt. At the shareholder meeting in April 2019 it was agreed to change the name of the company to Jeotex, Inc., and the change took effect that month. The Ubislate tablets were commercially launched in April 2012, by which time bookings for the device had exceeded three-million units – more than ten times the size of the total market for tablets in India in the previous year. In December 2013, BSNL, one of India’s largest network operators, entered a partnership with DataWind to offer its services on the company’s tablets. Basically,. Cumcrap or Fartiers would send you a basic DSL modem (an actual modem), or a Cable Modem (also could have been a digital gateway), and you would have ONE ethernet port on it, tied to your MAC ADDRESS. Some analysts claim that the tablet will not only have a positive impact on the education sector but will also lead to “has the potential to positively impact billions”. “A pale beer malt will have been heated up at very hot temperature for a short period of time. The different kinds of online marketing tools have made it possible for both small scale and large scale businesses to conquer the online market and expand their businesses more than ever before.