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Elon Musk and Andrew Tate back Russell Brand

Elon Musk and Andrew Tate have backed Russell Brand’s claims that he is a victim of a ‘co-ordinated media attack’, as the comedian took to his YouTube channel to ‘absolutely deny’ what he called ‘very serious criminal allegations’ made against him.

The video comes ahead of a much-anticipated Channel 4 Dispatches investigation set to air at 9pm tonight, with speculation building over who or what could at the centre of the investigation.

Sources said the long running current affairs documentary series will feature details about a well-known celebrity, which the Mail have been told are shocking.

There is no indication that Brand will feature in the programme, however, last night he made a video address to fans where he insisted any relationships he had ‘during his time of promiscuity’ were ‘consensual’.

Brand said he had received two ‘extremely disturbing letters’ from a ‘mainstream media TV company’ and a newspaper which the comedian said listed ‘a litany of extremely egregious and aggressive attacks, which are untrue’.

Russell Brand has taken to his YouTube channel to ‘absolutely deny’ what he called ‘serious allegations’ ahead of a mystery Channel 4 Dispatches investigation

Elon Musk appeared to back Brand’s video, taking to X to respond, telling the comedian ‘They don’t like competition’

Responding to the Tweet, tech mogul Elon Musk told Brand: ‘Of course. They don’t like competition’ 

Amidst his denial of the allegations the comedian and actor said ‘we have seen coordinated media attacks before’, referring to Joe Rogan announcing he had taken anti-parasite drug Ivermectin to treat his Covid-19 infection during the pandemic. 

Brand said he was ‘aware of newspapers making phone calls’ and ‘sending letters’ to people he knows for ‘ages and ages’, claiming he feels that ‘there’s a serious and consorted agenda to control these kind of spaces’, referring to his YouTube channel. 

Supporting Brand, YouTuber and self-proclaimed misogynist Tate took to X, posting a cartoon meme of a knight preparing for battle, captioned: ‘On my way to fight the crazy b***h allegations’.

Alongside the image, he captioned it ‘Welcome to the club Russell Brand’. 

Tate, who is currently facing charges of rape and human trafficking – which he has denied – in a separate Tweet responded to Brand’s video calling it a ‘Matrix attack’.

The video also appeared to win the support of tech tycoon Musk, who replied to Brand on X seemingly backing the British star’s comments on the media. He said: ‘Of course. They don’t like competition.’

YouTuber and self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate also took to X to show his support for Brand 

Tate took to X, posting a cartoon meme of a knight preparing for battle, captioned: Camion ‘On my way to fight the crazy b***h allegations’

In a separate Tweet responding to Brand’s video he called the allegations made against the comedian a ‘Matrix attack’

Both Musk and Brand have experienced similar criticism over the years being branded as conspiracy theorists. 

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